Modern Living Room Singapore

The living room is considered one of the most important areas in the house for the reason that this is the place where family and friends bond together. Apart from the right theme, decor and furniture for the living room, lighting plays a very significant role in interior design. When the living room is properly lit, it helps to accentuate ambience and can provide calm and relaxation.

Selecting the right lights depends on your needs and requirements and it is essential to consider all aspects as it can be expensive and cumbersome to redo everything from scratch. 

If you have a good size living room, consider placing a chandelier or multiple pendant lights in the centre as a decorative piece. Additional lighting in the form of cove lighting, downlights or track lights can be used when engaging in activities like reading or games. 

Living Room Lighting Singapore

An ideal living room uses different types of lights for different purposes. The cohesion of these lights will make the living room an attractive place to carry out different activities. 

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