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These days, stylish lightings are as important as the tens of thousands in renovation works. The perfect lightings accentuate the decor and they can be the centrepieces of your home. Take a look at how our satisfied clients use our lamps to light up their homes. A retail lighting shop in Singapore is more commonly found in areas like Balestier, Jalan Besar and Geylang. Such brick-and-mortar shops can only display limited designs due to the space constraints and have higher costs from rent and staff. 

Lights&Co. is an online lighting shop in Singapore that focusses on offering the latest and widest range of lightings available to you while keeping prices affordable and transparent. We also do our best to check every lighting fixture for visible defects and allow our customers to conduct the same at delivery. 

Types of Lightings
Pendant Lamps - Those crystal chandeliers are not in vogue now as they are replaced by pendant lightings that come in different styles to fit your decor. Pendant lamps can be in a single light source or you can have a statement piece with multiple light sources for a large space.

Wall Lights - Seldom used in the past, wall lamps are now trending in the modern home thanks to new classy pieces especially those with gold frames. It is nifty and doesn't take up floor space. Many interior designers are recommending wall lights as decorative pieces to liven up an empty walkway, bay window areas, bedside areas or staircases. Don't limit your imagination and keep your ideas flowing.

Table / Bedside Lamps - Many think of table lamps as those used for intense studying and for work use. Its definitely essential as you require optimal light for reading. With the lower costs in LED lighting, you can now have your stylish table lamp and pair it with an energy efficient LED light source. Now you can have your cake and eat it! 

Floor Lamps - Standing floor lamps can be used to fill up a void area in your space especially for larger homes. They are more often used for ambient and decorative lighting. 

Track Lights - We would say that track lighting is versatile as it offers you the flexibility to switch to task lighting if you require the room to be brighter simply by adding on more track lights or switching to higher wattage LED track lights. Conversely, you can adjust the track lights to refocus on another area or remove them if you want the space a little dimmer.

Ceiling Lights - The most common form of lighting used 10 to 20 years ago and it still is popular today. It could be the most affordable option as a surface LED panel provides sufficient light for a bedroom. However, there are many variations of ceiling lights for children to the modern pieces in different shapes and sizes. Most importantly, get the one that is able to light up your space sufficiently. 


We hope you have a better appreciation of how the many variations of lighting fixtures can complement the decor theme of your space. Have fun while you are at it too!