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The Step By Step Guide To Buy Your Lighting Fixtures in Singapore

By Lights&Co. Team
on August 26, 2022


A 7 Step Guide To Buy Your Lightings

There are many channels to buy your lightings these days that could make you spoilt for choice. Some might draw inspirations from decor magazines and websites while others pick out their lights based on personal preferences. 

We will be listing down some practical tips that you can take into consideration when shopping for new lightings.

Selecting and Buying Your Lightings

1. Determine the number of lighting points in your home

This is important as you would want to allocate sufficient lights in each space. For example in the main bedroom, the light projected from a central ceiling light may not be bright enough for you to do some bedside reading at night hence you will need to cater for an extra lighting source.

2. Decide the function of each space in your home

We typically prefer to have a warm and cozy light ambience in our bedrooms and brighter daylight colour lighting in the study to protect our eyes. In the kitchen, do consider adding recessed lighting above the countertop so that you can carry out your food preparation with ease. 

3. Should all your lights be of the same style or can you mix it up a little

The rule of thumb is to maintain the same style throughout your house. Generally the various decor themes are rather distinct in styles which makes it difficult to mix and match the lights.  

4. Allocate a budget and make some room for upward adjustments

After you have decided on the lighting for each space, it is time to determine the pricing range for each lighting point. For example, if you plan to use a statement piece in the dining area, do set aside a higher budget than the other spaces. The statement piece should be the centre of attention in your house to arouse your guests' interests over the light.

5. Research online for the lighting designs you are interested in

Check out home decor websites where they do feature stories on the most spectacular homes or interior design firms with portfolios of renovated spaces and 3D renderings of the various themes. There are also social media apps such as Pinterest and Instagram where you can find an assortment of design ideas and lightings that you never thought was possible. So get out there and find the designs that resonate best with you.

6. Compare prices with the shops in popular lighting spots

Now its time for some exercise, you can either spend more time walking the ground to see up close the physical lightings and bargain for the best deals or turn on the aircon, have a mug of your favourite beverage beside you and surf through the many online stores offering you fair and transparent prices.

7. Make the purchase

All done finalising the items in your list? Whether you are buying it in the physical store or online, do make sure you keep the receipts to cross check you have all the lightings you require and for warranty purposes. At Lights&Co, you can rest assure that our payment channels are secure as we work with a global payment gateway where credit card transactions are processed with the latest encryption technology over the HTTPS network. 

The Homeowners Guide To Renting Out Your Property

By Lights&Co. Team
on August 04, 2022

Renting out your spare room or the entire house is a great way to make passive income. What does it mean to be a landlord? Is it just about knowing all the terms and conditions in the Tenancy Agreement? Read on to find out more about subletting in Singapore!

Know who is eligible to rent your property

You can rent to Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents, subject to the other conditions above. For foreigners, they must possess at least one of the following:

1) Long term social visit pass
2) Student pass
3) Work permit
4) S-pass or other employment pass

Landlords have to verify the records of the tenants, so do ensure you sight the original passports and ICA issued documentation and retain a copy for your records.

Rules regarding your eligibility to sublet your private property

Owners can rent out their units once it receives the Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP). The occupancy cap is 6 unrelated tenants regardless of the size of the property.

Rules regarding your eligibility to sublet your HDB flat

There are more rules regulating HDB rentals. Firstly, you have to be a Singapore Citizen who has fulfilled the Minimum Occupancy Period (MOP) before you can sublet the entire flat. Currently the MOP is 5 years regardless of whether you purchased a BTO or a resale flat. There is also the non-citizen quota and industry sector quota for tenants, hence do check the prevailing quota for the current month via the HDB website.

The maximum number of tenants for a 2-room flat is four and for 3-room or larger flats, it is six tenants. All flat owners must also obtain HDB’s prior approval before renting out their flats or bedrooms. All sublets need to fall between the minimum lease period of six months with maximum lease period of 24 months (if your tenant is a Malaysian, the maximum lease period can be increased to 36 months).

Last but not least, tenants are not allowed to be tenants or owners of other HDB flats unless they are divorced or legally separated (in this case only one party can rent a HDB flat from another flat owner), or owners who are eligible to sublet their whole flat.

Ensure that your fixtures are in good condition

Most experienced landlords know that ensuring that the lightings, faucets, showers, built-in appliances, and built-in carpentry are in good condition. This will help to speed up the process of getting a tenant. Tenants will want to rent units that are problem-free to reduce any potential issues between both parties. 

Engage an experienced real estate agent

You can choose to DIY or engage a real estate agent to streamline the processes and paperwork. The agent will advertise the unit and conduct the viewings saving you precious time and reduce the vacant period. The tenancy agreement will be drafted by the agent to protect your interests.

Do speak to a few real estate agents and find out how they can best meet your needs. Good luck!

The Homeowners Guide For Fire Safety Tips

By Lights&Co. Team
on June 22, 2022

SCDF Fire Fighting

Photo Credit: SCDF

In the first 6 months of 2022 alone, we have already seen numerous news reports of fires across the island. As we spend more time at home due to work and to minimise mingling in crowded areas due to covid-19, electricity usage has also gone up. 

The main reasons behind the fires were usually due to contents in the house or due to PMDs and PABs but let's not let our guard down as we delve into some prevention and maintenance tips.

1) Check and replace old or worn electrical wiring in your house. Everything has a finite lifespan and the same goes for electrical wires with an estimated average useful life of 25 years. However it is best to make the change if the condition has deteriorated or when the lifespan is over. Remember to engage a Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW) to check and submit a report to the relevant authorities once the works are done. 

2) Ensure appliances and devices are compliant to regulatory requirements. Large household electrical appliances such as washing machines, fridges and ovens have to be certified with the Singapore Safety Mark. You can check online at to see if the appliance you are getting requires a safety mark.  

3) Use original charging accessories. Manufacturers would have put tested these accessories vigorously to ensure they are up to mark and to protect their reputation. Charging accessories of poor quality tend to melt or overcharge your devices and can lead to fires. 

Future Proof Your Homes With These Interior Design Ideas

By Lights&Co. Team
on February 22, 2022

Real estate did extremely well in 2021 as the pandemic had a huge impact on our lifestyles when most of us have to stay home for longer periods than usual. Do we need more outdoor space? Do we prep all our meals at home? Do we need a dedicated room for a work from home set up? All those needs that we didn't know existed suddenly became pressing issues. 

If you are embarking on your renovation journey, how can you future proof your homes to make it remain relevant through the years? Let's explore some of the top ideas to incorporate into your home decor!

1) Light Colour Schemes

Light Colour Schemes

Light Colour Schemes \\ Design: Salt Studio \\ Image Credit: Renonation

Forget the Victorian or Industrial home decor themes as they don't resonate well with many home seekers these days. Instead, consider light colour schemes to accentuate the natural lighting in your house. Think Japanese Zen or Muji inspired themes with white colour cabinets to maximise light dispersion. 

2) Space Efficiency

Concealment Of Work Area

Concealment Of Work Area \\ Design: In-Expat \\ Image Credit: Renonation

Homes are getting smaller but the need for storage has not diminished. While we need a lot of cabinets to conceal our stuff, do spend some time to look around the house closely for overhead spaces you might have missed out. Add in more carpentry along the area where your DB Box or Household Shelter to conceal them so they look flushed.

3) Ample Natural Light

Maximise The Natural Brightness

Maximise The Natural Light In Your Home \\ Image Credit: Home Decor

The best light is from mother nature itself so let in as much natural light as possible. Don't place any large furniture or wardrobe where your windows are. Install your curtains in such a way that there is ample space to draw and keep them neatly at the sides of the windows without blocking any portion of the windows. 

If your house is on lower floors, you may need more lightings placed strategically around the house to properly light up the place. 

4) Get Durable And Stylish Flooring

Beautiful Patterned Floor Tiles

Beautiful Patterned Floor Tiles \\ Image Credit: Alan Lee, Home & Decor

Vinyl flooring was the rage 5 to 7 years ago as it allowed home owners to overlay on existing flooring thereby saving them time and money compared to hacking and putting in new flooring. One of the latest trends now is the herringbone tile pattern which is perfect for creating intricate and unique style patterns with different colour tones of tiles. 

Our opinion is to go for large format square tiles in the living and dining areas to bring out the spaciousness of the house. Homogenous and marble tiles have been around for decades and the lighter, simpler colour tones and patterns are always welcomed by many. 

5) Luxe Feel

Modern Luxe Vibes Home

Get The Luxe Vibes With Marble And Gold Finished Lightings \\ Image Credit: Home & Decor

Visited a condominium showflat lately and was wowed by the luxe feel of the property? It all starts with picking out the right style of fittings and furniture and you do not have to go full on marble tiles for your bathrooms or install top of the range sanitary fittings etc. The idea is to select designs close enough to exude the feel good factor to make the house feel luxurious. 

Lighting Review - COMBUS Pastel Combination Hanging Lamp Installed In A Beach Road Office, Singapore

By Lights&Co. Team
on December 15, 2021

The blue and khaki colours of the COMBUS Pastel Combination Hanging Lamp are used in this office pantry.

Lighting Singapore - COMBUS Pastel Combination Hanging Lamp

Lighting Singapore - COMBUS Pastel Combination Hanging Lamp 4

Lighting Review - SELLECA Ring LED Pendant Light Installed In A Beach Road Office, Singapore

By Lights&Co. Team
on December 15, 2021

The SELLECA Ring LED Pendant Light is installed in a compact meeting room with the vintage gold colour body elevating the space.

SELLECA Ring LED Pendant Light

Lighting Review - DELPHINUS Hanging Light Installed In A Beach Road Office, Singapore

By Lights&Co. Team
on December 15, 2021

Multiple units of DELPHINUS Hanging Light are hung at varying heights in this beautiful work space in the newly renovated office.

Lighting Singapore - Delphinus Hanging Light

3 Lighting Trends In 2021 / 2022

By Lights&Co. Team
on November 13, 2021

Since the onset of the COVID-19 situation which has limited us in terms of the ability to travel and made working from home almost a default for most of us, many have went on to buy their first homes or upgraded to larger houses. Homeowners have also taken their space more seriously as they stay at home more for work and go out less often to stay safe. Here are some lighting designs that we see trending for the rest of 2021 and in 2022. 

1. Metal and Glass

Instead of the common polished chrome finish for kitchen faucets and bath fixtures, matt black and brass gold finishes are popular to achieve a contrast especially against darker colour wall tiles or paint colour. However it is better not to use more than 2 different colour tones with your other metal furnishings as it would overcomplicate the entire decor. We would recommend that you match the colour of your lighting fixture to the other furnitures you want to complement such as the wall lamp and the metal frame below which complements each other and stands out against the dark navy blue wall.

Our CAVER Classic Wall Lamp (as pictured below) provides a single globe or double globe option with a brass gold metal body. 


2. Balcony / Patio Lighting

Homes with outdoor spaces became the rage overnight last year as it allowed home dwellers to take in the views and soak in the weather outside. If you love to have al fresco dinners or chill over a glass of wine, a good book in your outdoor space, the lighting in your balcony / patio is essential even if it is simply for ambience. This space is where you can be more creative, for example you can model it after your favourite hangout cafe, bistro or decorate into a lush garden.

                                              Image Credit: Qanvast

Our recommendations for this space are the BRIVAAR Ceiling Light and the FIKNA Funnel Wall Light for their modern yet classic black and gold combination which work well for most decor themes.


3. Task Lighting

This is definitely one important aspect when most of us work or study from home more during this pandemic. Suffice to say there has to be adequate lighting when it comes to poring over documents and textbooks. If your focal lighting point is not bright enough to illuminate your work space, you can enhance it with table lamps or floor lamps. But if you limited work space, consider using track lighting which is versatile enough to target and illuminate areas in your room. 

If you use a pendant light like the above ARCLINEA Glass Pendant Lamp, do ensure the glass covers are not tinted and select LED bulbs with higher lumens to ensure maximum brightness.

Add on cob lighting to enhance the brightness if needed as the cob lights can be easily adjusted to shine on your work space.                         

How to Fix My Faulty LED Lighting? How Do I Change The Bulb For My LED Lighting?

By Lights&Co. Team
on March 27, 2021

LED lighting is up to 90% more efficient than incandescent light bulbs and is now widely used in homes, commercial and public places. LED lights come in mainly two variants; one is the LED light bulb and the other comprises a LED plate and LED driver.

How do I replace the spoilt LED light?

Firstly, we have to determine the type of LED lighting that is used. For example, if it is a light bulb, you have to replace in its entirety. If it is a LED downlight, it depends on whether the LED light source and driver are integrated. 

LED Downlight with External Driver

Image: LED Downlight with External Driver

You can try to replace the external driver if the light source for the downlight can't be turned on. If the downlight is dim or flickering, it is due to the degradation of the LED itself and in this case, you have to replace the main downlight.

LED Downlight with Integrated Driver

Image: LED Downlight with Integrated Driver

LED Light Bulb

Image: LED Light Bulb

For a LED downlight with integrated driver or a LED light bulb, the driver is integrated in the bulb and downlight and you would need to replace the fixture in its entirety.

Top Lighting Inspirations For Your Japanese Style Decor Theme

By Lights&Co. Team
on July 23, 2020

When we think of Japanese homes, most of in Singapore would immediately relate it to MUJI for the simplicity, quality and clean looks with some nature incorporated into the designs or manufacture.

One important element to infuse the Japanese concept is to add wood or bamboo into your interior design. The living space is relatively free of large furniture and the lightings are mainly inconspicuous. Now let's take a look at some home decor and lighting inspirations you can use for your home. 

Modern meets traditional Japanese home                                         Image credit to respective owner

This Japanese home exudes zen by combining the traditional rice paper shade pendant lights with modern furniture. It just has all the right components - wood, the right lightings and plants, of course a bonsai plant would be perfect.

 Lavien Pendant Light                          Lighting Idea - LAVIEN Scandinavian Hanging Light Set

If you prefer to go all modern, this hanging light fixture will complement your home without any fuss. It has the white and wood tones that the basic Japanese home concept requires. 

Japanese Lighting Inspiration                                      Image credit to respective owner 

This modern Japanese home in mainly white and wooden tones uses simple recessed lights and a small white shade table lamp. It's all about keep the space free of clutter with ample room to access the space. 

TANUKI Ceiling Light                                  Lighting Idea - TANUKI Ultra Slim Ceiling Light

Not many of us like to do a boxed-up false ceiling specially for downlights as it can make the area look smaller and impose unnecessary height restrictions. Hence a good way to balance this is to use the TANUKI Ultra Slim Ceiling Light. The light fixture is made up of a wooden exterior and a white frosted shade cover which complements the modern Japanese home.

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