Real estate did extremely well in 2021 as the pandemic had a huge impact on our lifestyles when most of us have to stay home for longer periods than usual. Do we need more outdoor space? Do we prep all our meals at home? Do we need a dedicated room for a work from home set up? All those needs that we didn't know existed suddenly became pressing issues. 

If you are embarking on your renovation journey, how can you future proof your homes to make it remain relevant through the years? Let's explore some of the top ideas to incorporate into your home decor!

1) Light Colour Schemes

Light Colour Schemes

Light Colour Schemes \\ Design: Salt Studio \\ Image Credit: Renonation

Forget the Victorian or Industrial home decor themes as they don't resonate well with many home seekers these days. Instead, consider light colour schemes to accentuate the natural lighting in your house. Think Japanese Zen or Muji inspired themes with white colour cabinets to maximise light dispersion. 

2) Space Efficiency

Concealment Of Work Area

Concealment Of Work Area \\ Design: In-Expat \\ Image Credit: Renonation

Homes are getting smaller but the need for storage has not diminished. While we need a lot of cabinets to conceal our stuff, do spend some time to look around the house closely for overhead spaces you might have missed out. Add in more carpentry along the area where your DB Box or Household Shelter to conceal them so they look flushed.

3) Ample Natural Light

Maximise The Natural Brightness

Maximise The Natural Light In Your Home \\ Image Credit: Home Decor

The best light is from mother nature itself so let in as much natural light as possible. Don't place any large furniture or wardrobe where your windows are. Install your curtains in such a way that there is ample space to draw and keep them neatly at the sides of the windows without blocking any portion of the windows. 

If your house is on lower floors, you may need more lightings placed strategically around the house to properly light up the place. 

4) Get Durable And Stylish Flooring

Beautiful Patterned Floor Tiles

Beautiful Patterned Floor Tiles \\ Image Credit: Alan Lee, Home & Decor

Vinyl flooring was the rage 5 to 7 years ago as it allowed home owners to overlay on existing flooring thereby saving them time and money compared to hacking and putting in new flooring. One of the latest trends now is the herringbone tile pattern which is perfect for creating intricate and unique style patterns with different colour tones of tiles. 

Our opinion is to go for large format square tiles in the living and dining areas to bring out the spaciousness of the house. Homogenous and marble tiles have been around for decades and the lighter, simpler colour tones and patterns are always welcomed by many. 

5) Luxe Feel

Modern Luxe Vibes Home

Get The Luxe Vibes With Marble And Gold Finished Lightings \\ Image Credit: Home & Decor

Visited a condominium showflat lately and was wowed by the luxe feel of the property? It all starts with picking out the right style of fittings and furniture and you do not have to go full on marble tiles for your bathrooms or install top of the range sanitary fittings etc. The idea is to select designs close enough to exude the feel good factor to make the house feel luxurious.