Home Decor: Going all out for that industrial theme decor

Most people associate industrial theme decor with cafes and revolve the entire concept around it. What are the key components of an industrial theme? The idea is to have some contrast so that your living space doesn't look too cold, dark and lonely. Throw around some soft touches like a light colour rug, curtains / blinds or white / cream colour walls.

Jet black metal pendant lamps with the quintessential Edison bulbs add legitimacy to the theme. This tends to be one of the first things your guest notices especially if you use a bold centrepiece.

Lighting Singapore - Industrial Lights With Edison Tungsten Bulbs

A simple cement screed floor with hues of grey gives off a tinge of calmness as you step in. But if the cool feel of a cement floor isn't for you, get grey or medium to dark wooden tones of vinyl or laminate flooring. 

Lighting Singapore - Cement screed flooring


If you want to go all out, explore getting a red or brown craft brick wall in your living room. These deep colours accentuate the overall theme with a raw, earthy and unpretentious look. These worn out, imperfect but unique bricks may just be the highlight of your home. 

Lighting Singapore - Earthy red brick wall


Those old school black metal cabinets may be hard to come by. A good substitute for it would be wooden tone furniture and its easier to come by with widely available carpentry contractors. There are now a wide selection of laminates from dark grey tones to light, semi-dark wooden crate textures. A good leather sofa or dark grey fabric sofa would be the perfect complement. Don't limit your home to black or white, take it to the next level! 

Lighting Singapore - Leather furniture


All image credits: Pinterest