Whether you are about to embark on your renovation journey or just want to change your light, there are a couple of points to take note of:

1. Check the state of your electrical wiring.

You would need to check the state of your electrical wiring especially if its more than 20 years old or when it is worn out. The estimated average lifespan of PVC electrical cables is approximately 25 years and it is difficult to know the state of your entire wiring as its usually concealed in your walls and ceilings. A licensed electrician will be able to advise you further on the procedures. 

2. Engage a licensed electrical worker. 

[Below is an extract from the Energy Market Authority's website]

The Energy Market Authority states that a "licensed electrical worker should be engaged to carry out the following:

  • Installation, repair or modification of electrical wiring;
  • Addition, extension or replacement of electrical power points like  socket-outlets, switches or lighting points; and
  • Repair or replacement of consumer control units or circuit breakers.

Electrical work carried out by unlicensed electrical workers may pose safety risks and  cause damage to property or injury to person."

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