We are all too familiar with news on renovation contractors going bust halfway through a project or sloppy work / design flaws discovered months after the work has ended. There is homework to be done before you plough thousands of dollars into your home renovation, which you are probably going to live with for years. So here we go, we compiled some useful tips and ideas for you to take note of when looking for interior design firms or contractors in Singapore.

1) Reputation / Track Records

This is perhaps the most important thing to look out for before you commit to the contract. While not always fool-proof, it is still your best bet. Search for reviews online, go through their portfolios and try to make appointments with their senior designers instead of walking into their showrooms. Chances are that the senior designers are already busy working on current projects and do not need to perform showroom duty to farm for clients. If you are familiar with brands for HERF flooring, hinge systems (ie: BLUM), countertops (ie: Caesarstone), paint (ie: Nippon) etc, do make sure these are stated in the contract to avoid disputes later on. Negotiate the payment terms upfront and make sure payments should be made in stages after each milestone is satisfied. 

Interior Design

2) Minimize Concealment and Use of Wallpapers

Concealing is a good to have and is not an essential. You will need to pay more attention in this aspect especially for your entertainment area and air-con trunking. Its good to hide all those unsightly wires from your tv, sound system, cable box and dvd player in a built-in cabinet but ensure that you will be able to easily configure or replace any faulty equipment in future. This is the same for air-conditioning systems as shoddy workmanship may lead to severe leakage in some cases and your insulation may need to be repaired or changed. You wouldn't want them to hack into your false ceiling, box-up area or built-in wardrobes. 

Wallpapers are about 20% to 40% more expensive than paint and are of course also prone to damage from children, sun and humidity. Maintenance in this case will definitely be more costly than leftover paint which can be stored for 1 to 2 years. 

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3) Overlay your existing flooring

If you bought a resale home, consider overlaying the existing flooring with vinyl flooring or laminate instead of hacking and re-tiling. Vinyl or HERF flooring now comes in many designs, durable, waterproof and relatively inexpensive. Best of all, the overlay process is fast and usually can be completed in a day for an apartment. 

HERF or VINYL Flooring

4) Furniture

Carpentry can be the most expensive component in your renovation thus do some planning and decide the most critical areas to have them (ie: kitchen). There are many online furniture stores carrying a wide range of tv consoles, wardrobes and what not at competitive prices so do explore your options first. 

Built-in Wardrobe

5) Get Your Lightings Online in Singapore

And oh yes lighting! We can't possibly end this post without it. Arguably the most critical part of your renovation for tasks and ambience. Shop our online store for a wide range of beautiful lightings from the comfort of your home!

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