A 7 Step Guide To Buy Your Lightings

There are many channels to buy your lightings these days that could make you spoilt for choice. Some might draw inspirations from decor magazines and websites while others pick out their lights based on personal preferences. 

We will be listing down some practical tips that you can take into consideration when shopping for new lightings.

Selecting and Buying Your Lightings

1. Determine the number of lighting points in your home

This is important as you would want to allocate sufficient lights in each space. For example in the main bedroom, the light projected from a central ceiling light may not be bright enough for you to do some bedside reading at night hence you will need to cater for an extra lighting source.

2. Decide the function of each space in your home

We typically prefer to have a warm and cozy light ambience in our bedrooms and brighter daylight colour lighting in the study to protect our eyes. In the kitchen, do consider adding recessed lighting above the countertop so that you can carry out your food preparation with ease. 

3. Should all your lights be of the same style or can you mix it up a little

The rule of thumb is to maintain the same style throughout your house. Generally the various decor themes are rather distinct in styles which makes it difficult to mix and match the lights.  

4. Allocate a budget and make some room for upward adjustments

After you have decided on the lighting for each space, it is time to determine the pricing range for each lighting point. For example, if you plan to use a statement piece in the dining area, do set aside a higher budget than the other spaces. The statement piece should be the centre of attention in your house to arouse your guests' interests over the light.

5. Research online for the lighting designs you are interested in

Check out home decor websites where they do feature stories on the most spectacular homes or interior design firms with portfolios of renovated spaces and 3D renderings of the various themes. There are also social media apps such as Pinterest and Instagram where you can find an assortment of design ideas and lightings that you never thought was possible. So get out there and find the designs that resonate best with you.

6. Compare prices with the shops in popular lighting spots

Now its time for some exercise, you can either spend more time walking the ground to see up close the physical lightings and bargain for the best deals or turn on the aircon, have a mug of your favourite beverage beside you and surf through the many online stores offering you fair and transparent prices.

7. Make the purchase

All done finalising the items in your list? Whether you are buying it in the physical store or online, do make sure you keep the receipts to cross check you have all the lightings you require and for warranty purposes. At Lights&Co, you can rest assure that our payment channels are secure as we work with a global payment gateway where credit card transactions are processed with the latest encryption technology over the HTTPS network.