What are the plausible reasons when the LED light or pendant light you bought doesn't work the way it is suppose to? 

This month itself we had 2 unique scenarios where customers emailed us to say 1) LED light was flickering when installed and 2) pendant light wasn't working as confirmed by the electrician. That got our attention as we have not come across such issues thus far. In fact, these 2 issues could have been easily resolved had the electricians performed an extra layer of checks. 

For the first case, we had advised the customer a probable reason for the LED flickering could be the wrong connection of the live and neutral wires. Hence after the electrician corrected it, he told us the light still flickered after staying turned on for 10 minutes. We went down on site the same afternoon to test the light and found that the LED was working normally. The friendly uncle painter also told us the light was turned on since morning and except for the short flicker in the morning, it was working normally thereafter. 

For the second case, the customer had purchased 4 lights from us and informed us 1 of them was not working as confirmed by her electrician. When on site, we removed the said pendant light, tested it at another power outlet and the bulb lit up. So how did the electrician confirm the pendant light wasn't working? He had assumed the existing electrical point is working fine and so the issue has to be 100% on the pendant light. Well that wasted the time of all 3 parties if he had tested the pendant light at another power outlet or tested the electrical point to determine which is the culprit. 

Note that electrical wiring typically wears out in about 20 to 30 years and it is recommended to check or change the entire wiring in your home to ensure your electrical hardware is in good order.