More often than not, we are spoilt for choice with the hundreds of lighting designs and we simply can't make up our minds. You might have already decided you want to sell your house after you fulfilled the Sellers' Stamp Duty period or the Minimum Occupation Period and that basic lights will suffice.

Firstly you won't go wrong with black or white colours as they are the template colours. If you like some wood accents, you can either use the same throughout your house or complement it with white colour lightings. We compiled 4 basic lighting ideas that you can use for your home if you decide to go for simple and functional.


1. The most economical option

Use 18w or 24w LED surface panels. It is compact in size yet produces sufficient illumination for your living space. 

Lightings Singapore - LED Surface Panel Light


2. Standardise by using LED ceiling lights

Achieve a uniform look throughout your home with our range of LED ceiling lights. You can choose to use a single colour (ie: white) for all the ceiling lights or alternate between white and black colours. The ceiling lights come in a minimum of 24w and is similarly sufficient to illuminate your living space.

Lightings Singapore - LEXA Geometric LED Ceiling Light


3. Use LED track lights for flexibility

A 1m track rail can fit 3 to 4 track lights and a 1.5m can fit 5 to 6 track lights. You have the flexibility to add or remove track lights to achieve the desired brightness. 

Lightings Singapore - Megaman LED Track Light


4. Use downlights, T5 or LED strips

If you intend to use recessed or cove lights, these lights will be the ones you require. From the simple circular or square downlight with an external driver to downlights with internal drivers, cob downlights and box housing downlights, you have a wide range to select from. For the home, choose a downlight that is easy to replace and available. T5 and LED strips are commonly used for cove lighting but we would recommend using T5 due to the ease of replacement. LED strips have exposed circuits and are required to be double sided taped to hold it down. When it comes to replacing LED strips, it could require some effort and create unwanted mess.