Lightings would typically be the second thing that comes to mind after getting your home and settling all the renovation stuff. Lights set the ambience, aesthetics and help you to perform tasks. Hanging lights, ceiling lights, recessed lights, track lights, what do you choose? 

1.: Determine the theme and end result you want to achieve.

You should have a clear idea of the mood you want to set in every space of your home. For example if you want to showcase a modern living room with ample light, get a lighting fixture that fits the size and look. Explore having multiple light sources like recessed lightings if you have a high ceiling, this would also help you to perform a variety of activities and functions better. 

STEYDA Molecular Pendant Light
Photo: STEYDA Molecular Pendant Light

 KYRUS Spidey Hanging Light
Photo: KYRUS Spidey Hanging Light


2.: Use multiple light fixtures or focussed lightings for functionality and activity

Do not be afraid of using a few of the same light fixtures to better illuminate your space. It would be odder if you use different light fixtures together. Say if you do spend a lot of time in your kitchen, consider multiple light sources or focused lightings. In the past, many homes simply affix a ceiling light in the centre of the kitchen deeming it sufficient. However when you turn your back to work at the kitchen counter, the light gets blocked and the poor lighting can affect your eyesight and activity. Take a look at how the couple of kitchens stand out with their choice of lightings. 

Multiple Light Fixtures
Photo: Use of multiple light fixtures to illuminate the kitchen

Track lights provide focussed lightings
Photo: Track lights provide focussed lightings and a modern look


3.: Provide night lighting along walkways

This is essential if you have young kids or elderly people living with you. Consider using dim night lights or fixtures attached to dimmer switches. It will help children and senior folks to navigate around the house especially when visiting the washroom or getting some water from the kitchen. Leaving a dim night light on in your children's room give them a sense of security and comfort as well.


4.: Use recessed lightings for high ceilings and modern decor. 

Downlights are used to create a "flushed" look when fixed into the ceiling. With 3 different light colours to choose from, they set the mood in your space. You can also opt for dimmer switches to be attached or get those that can change different light colours with the touch of a remote control. These fixtures are affordable, subtle, modern and never seem to go out of style. 

Recessed lightings
Photo: Recessed lightings are modern looking and provide functionality


5.: Research your lights carefully

Lastly, do research your lights and the light up area carefully. This is especially important if you plan to use a chandelier for your dining or living area. Consider the height of the ceiling and the space the chandelier might take up. A chandelier could look oversized and inappropriate in a small space or it might not fit into the overall decor of your home. Minimalist lightings can be easily fit in most decors and reduces the possibility of getting it wrong. 

REXAM Hanging Glass Lamp
Photo: REXAM Hanging Glass Lamp

Ceiling Chandelier
Photo: Ceiling Chandelier