Home Decor: Bedroom Lighting

Most people in Singapore give little thought to bedroom lighting, they simply install one ceiling light and that's it! But the bedroom isn't just a space for sleeping, it is where you spend time with your loved ones, relax and watch a little tv or do some reading before retiring for the night. Having adequate and the right lighting set the mood and ensure your eyes don't get strained.  


Modern Touch:.

Get recessed flat panel downlights to achieve a flushed ceiling and add on cove lighting for a warm ambience. This is especially suitable for smaller bedrooms as it makes the bedroom look bigger and not too cluttered. Position some downlights along your bed head if you intend to do some reading at night. 

Bedroom Lighting with Recessed Downlights


Industrial Touch:.

If you are those who seek to up the ante with something different, go for the industrial look in your bedroom. Install track or cob lights across your room and angle each light in a different direction to illuminate the whole space.

Industrial pendant lights are designed in such a way that they do not enclose the light source but yet may not provide sufficient illumination. Hang a few pendant lights to showcase the industrial look and add on wall lamps by the bedsides for light reading or work. 

Bedroom Lighting with Track Lights


Scandinavian Touch:.

Generally, scandinavian bedrooms are in white pastel colour and require simple lightings to complete the room. Tasteful glass pendant lights or white lamps can easily do the trick. Modern designer lightings with a hint of black can also add a nice contrast to your space. Remember not to get too fussed up over it and overcomplicate the entire decor. 

Bedroom Lighting Scandinavian Style

There are of course many more lighting ideas that can inspire you to create that dream bedroom. Explore our lighting collection and start from there.