Everyone wants to maintain that shiny and polished appearance on their faucets and rain showers. Chrome finishing is often used in these bath fixtures as it complements most fixtures with its clean and polished look. 

Cleaning your Faucet

Tap water, concentrated or harsh cleaning products contain chemicals that leave behind water marks and can lead to tarnishing. Using a mild cleaning product with a soft scrub or cloth goes a long way. 

Method 1: Fill a small container with water and add a few squirts of cleaning liquid. Wet a cloth in the soapy water and wipe down your fixtures. 

Method 2: Combine equal parts of vinegar and water. Wet the cloth in the solution and wipe down your fixtures. For stubborn spots, leave the cloth over it for a couple of minutes to loosen the stain. 

After cleaning, dry the fixtures with a clean cloth and there you have it, clean and polished fixtures looking just like new!