Designer lighting transcends beyond our imaginations and it is probably one of the most well designed furniture items. The versatility of lightings to take on countless of designs and the need to showcase the owner's taste in designs lend rise to the popularity of designer lightings. 

Designer lighting is mainly focussed on modern and contemporary designs - lightings for the urban life. Lighting is also what gives us life in the night and it has that magical power to alter one's moods and the aesthetic interior of your house! Think of it, even nightspots are very much dependant on lightings to captivate the crowd's attention and create the mood. 

With the thousands of lighting designs in Singapore, expand your horizons with those brass gold chandeliers with mouth-blown glass globes or a smaller pendant light that invigorates your senses. Don't simply get ceiling fans with light or use downlights entirely for the whole house, which your guests will simply label as boring or typical.