Many of us would have fell in love at first sight with those gold brass lightings you see around in Singapore especially in hotels, restaurants and fashion boutiques etc. You might have wonder how would it fit into the theme in your house, would it look imbalanced or awkward you ask?

Lets check out some of the popular ideas where these gold lightings fit right at home!

Lighting Singapore - DOLCE Minimalist Hanging Light

The pop of colours in the foyer of this house adds vibrancy but you will also notice the simple yet chic hanging light with its brass rod. You can also kick it up a notch or two with some of the latest designs that Lights&Co. carries. 

::: The COVET Deluxe Modern Lamp features a spherical shape lamp that is bold and classy at the same time. The tinted glass lamp provides a warm ambience for your home. 

Lighting Singapore - Brass Gold Hanging Lights

These 3 brass gold lights provide good illumination over the dining table. It will also be sufficient if you hang just one light over a small circular table otherwise do space out the 3 lights if you have a longer rectangular table. 

::: Now we can look forward to a more stylish design, the STENNER Dual Tone Modern Pendant Light The contrast of gold and matte black with its unique design lends a modern touch to the lamp and it comes with in-built LED panel. In our opinion, this design will look great over a marble table or ceramic table. You can also go with neutral colour tone tables or even darker colour tones complemented with the touch of matte black on the pendant light.

Lighting Singapore - Gold Hanging Lights Over Kitchen Island

A nice long kitchen island counter top to host those dinner gatherings at home. Wow your guests with impeccably stylish lights that don't cost a bomb. Without a doubt, the lights will be best positioned along the length of the counter top. Now with all that masterchef cooking going on, we would certainly recommend a fuss-free and easy to maintain light for you.

::: The OMBUS Classic Pendant Light is nifty and gives a modern touch to your home. With a choice of 3 different bulb holder colours, you can mix and match or stay true to a single colour tone for consistency. Don't limit yourself to these recommendations though as there are many designs to cater to your needs. If you are in doubt, just feel free to pm us on Facebook or drop us a message via our contact form.