Since the onset of the COVID-19 situation which has limited us in terms of the ability to travel and made working from home almost a default for most of us, many have went on to buy their first homes or upgraded to larger houses. Homeowners have also taken their space more seriously as they stay at home more for work and go out less often to stay safe. Here are some lighting designs that we see trending for the rest of 2021 and in 2022. 

1. Metal and Glass

Instead of the common polished chrome finish for kitchen faucets and bath fixtures, matt black and brass gold finishes are popular to achieve a contrast especially against darker colour wall tiles or paint colour. However it is better not to use more than 2 different colour tones with your other metal furnishings as it would overcomplicate the entire decor. We would recommend that you match the colour of your lighting fixture to the other furnitures you want to complement such as the wall lamp and the metal frame below which complements each other and stands out against the dark navy blue wall.

Our CAVER Classic Wall Lamp (as pictured below) provides a single globe or double globe option with a brass gold metal body. 


2. Balcony / Patio Lighting

Homes with outdoor spaces became the rage overnight last year as it allowed home dwellers to take in the views and soak in the weather outside. If you love to have al fresco dinners or chill over a glass of wine, a good book in your outdoor space, the lighting in your balcony / patio is essential even if it is simply for ambience. This space is where you can be more creative, for example you can model it after your favourite hangout cafe, bistro or decorate into a lush garden.

                                              Image Credit: Qanvast

Our recommendations for this space are the BRIVAAR Ceiling Light and the FIKNA Funnel Wall Light for their modern yet classic black and gold combination which work well for most decor themes.


3. Task Lighting

This is definitely one important aspect when most of us work or study from home more during this pandemic. Suffice to say there has to be adequate lighting when it comes to poring over documents and textbooks. If your focal lighting point is not bright enough to illuminate your work space, you can enhance it with table lamps or floor lamps. But if you limited work space, consider using track lighting which is versatile enough to target and illuminate areas in your room. 

If you use a pendant light like the above ARCLINEA Glass Pendant Lamp, do ensure the glass covers are not tinted and select LED bulbs with higher lumens to ensure maximum brightness.

Add on cob lighting to enhance the brightness if needed as the cob lights can be easily adjusted to shine on your work space.