LED lighting is up to 90% more efficient than incandescent light bulbs and is now widely used in homes, commercial and public places. LED lights come in mainly two variants; one is the LED light bulb and the other comprises a LED plate and LED driver.

How do I replace the spoilt LED light?

Firstly, we have to determine the type of LED lighting that is used. For example, if it is a light bulb, you have to replace in its entirety. If it is a LED downlight, it depends on whether the LED light source and driver are integrated. 

LED Downlight with External Driver

Image: LED Downlight with External Driver

You can try to replace the external driver if the light source for the downlight can't be turned on. If the downlight is dim or flickering, it is due to the degradation of the LED itself and in this case, you have to replace the main downlight.

LED Downlight with Integrated Driver

Image: LED Downlight with Integrated Driver

LED Light Bulb

Image: LED Light Bulb

For a LED downlight with integrated driver or a LED light bulb, the driver is integrated in the bulb and downlight and you would need to replace the fixture in its entirety.