A hanging light can also be referred to a pendant light (aka pendant lamp) or a chandelier. A pendant light is suspended by an electrical cord and it can be used as a single lighting fixture in a small space or hung in multiples across a larger space (ie: office or restaurant). It can also be used as a set of 3 in a straight line using a rectangular panel or in a circular form using a round panel. A pendant light can range from a simple design to an intricate fancy design. 

            Photo: A simple pendant light design - ANDENON Cement Pendant Light

ASCENT Futuristic Pendant Light

Photo: An intricate pendant light design - ASCENT Futuristic Pendant Light

SOUTHPORT Pendant Light in Pastel Colours

Photo: SOUTHPORT Pendant Lights in Pastel Colours used with a Rectangular Panel

ARCLINEA Glass Pendant Light in Metallic


A chandelier on the other hand is typically a large ornate centrepiece used in a mansion, a hotel lobby or an event ballroom. Originating from the medieval age, the light source used back then was candles and later progressed to gas lights to the current electric light bulbs. Often made out of glass, it can be adorned with crystals to exude luxury and elegance. 

Intricate Chandelier

Photo: An intricate Chandelier