Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy as we are in unprecedented times. Work from home by telecommute has become the new norm of late as countries worldwide implement a lockdown to curb the spread of the coronavirus. 

With more people working from home and this may be still be the case even after a vaccine is discovered as companies realise they can save on expensive office rents while protecting their employees.

Work from home

If your company makes it mandatory to work from home, you would need to create a work space that is comfortable for you to work in. This is why we saw long queues to IKEA as many were scrambling to buy suitable furniture before the stay at home measures took effect.

Long queues at IKEA

We will not make your life difficult by introducing the entire range of lights for working from home. You are most likely to have recessed lighting, pendant light or a ceiling light in your study / office space. Even with the smaller bedrooms these days, a ceiling light is not sufficient if you need to do serious reading or work. 

Hence our recommendation is to use track lights, which are bright, can be directed on a specific area, easily adjustable for brightness levels and easy to replace. Track lights have evolved from just the black and white to fancy rose gold and gold colours making it easy to complement a variety of decors. More importantly, you can also decide whether a daylight white or warm white light setting is better for you. 

Track Lights