When we think of Japanese homes, most of in Singapore would immediately relate it to MUJI for the simplicity, quality and clean looks with some nature incorporated into the designs or manufacture.

One important element to infuse the Japanese concept is to add wood or bamboo into your interior design. The living space is relatively free of large furniture and the lightings are mainly inconspicuous. Now let's take a look at some home decor and lighting inspirations you can use for your home. 

Modern meets traditional Japanese home                                         Image credit to respective owner

This Japanese home exudes zen by combining the traditional rice paper shade pendant lights with modern furniture. It just has all the right components - wood, the right lightings and plants, of course a bonsai plant would be perfect.

 Lavien Pendant Light                          Lighting Idea - LAVIEN Scandinavian Hanging Light Set

If you prefer to go all modern, this hanging light fixture will complement your home without any fuss. It has the white and wood tones that the basic Japanese home concept requires. 

Japanese Lighting Inspiration                                      Image credit to respective owner 

This modern Japanese home in mainly white and wooden tones uses simple recessed lights and a small white shade table lamp. It's all about keep the space free of clutter with ample room to access the space. 

TANUKI Ceiling Light                                  Lighting Idea - TANUKI Ultra Slim Ceiling Light

Not many of us like to do a boxed-up false ceiling specially for downlights as it can make the area look smaller and impose unnecessary height restrictions. Hence a good way to balance this is to use the TANUKI Ultra Slim Ceiling Light. The light fixture is made up of a wooden exterior and a white frosted shade cover which complements the modern Japanese home.