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What is LED lighting? Everything you need to know about LED.

By Lights&Co. Team
on May 17, 2018

Light Emitting Diode or popularly known as LED is now used widely in home and commercial spaces. An LED bulb is smaller in size than a comparable incandescent bulb, more energy efficient and it doesn't give off a loud "pop" sound when it blows.  LED lighting works by the passing of electrons through a semiconductor, which creates electroluminescence. LED lights don’t need filaments and they don't rely on gas like neon lights. 

LED lighting is typically available in 3 different light colours (or temperatures), warm white (2700K to 3000K), cool white (3200K to 4000K) and daylight (6000K to 6500K). It also requires an additional component called a driver because it uses much lesser power hence the power supplied to the LED has to be moderated. LED also emits lesser heat than an incandescent bulb hence it is considered to be a safer choice with lower fire risk.

For cases where your LED light is not working, it could either be the driver or the LED issue. You can replace the driver (if its an external component) or the LED to find out the which is the faulty component. However if your LED light is dimmer than usual then it is most likely the lumen output of the LED is declining and requires replacement.  While LED lighting is known to be long lasting, the driver also determines the lifespan of the LED lighting so don't be surprised if your LED light doesn't last as long as you thought it would. Sometimes the shorter lifespan of your LED could be due to connection issues, ie: the live and neutral wires weren't connected properly. 

With the many advantages LED has over its rivals and its wallet friendly prices, it has become the most popular lighting in the world even replacing the iconic neon street signs in Hong Kong. CT Food Chain

Finding the best range of lightings in Singapore

By Lights&Co. Team
on March 17, 2018

Whether you are about to get the keys to your new home or about to embark on a makeover of your existing home, do consider the essential elements (ie: lighting, furniture, flooring and paint colours) and make a shortlist of the products that you want to get. Most often the bulky items such as furniture and lights are not stocked in large quantities by retailers due to warehouse cost, staff cost and risk of carrying obsolete inventory.

Hence if you have been to the lighting shops at Jalan Besar, Balestier Road or the bustling Geylang Lorongs, you will find that the range is constrained by the shop space and their focus is more towards downlights, chandeliers, led strips and ceiling fans. 

For those who wish to inject some character into your space, finding the right lighting is one of the best ways to begin. At Lights&Co, we carry a wide range of lightings so that you will be spoilt for choice. It can begin from the simple ceiling light or track light to the hundreds of pendant light designs. Plan your renovation journey early and yes you can request for the lights to be delivered at a later time if required. 


We typically associate industrial lightings with dark colours. However you can still blend in industrial lights with a simple scandinavian theme. Choosing softer industrial designs such as track lights or pendant lights can help you achieve that. 

Industrial Lightings with Scandinavian



Modern lightings have to keep up with trends to meet the fast changing demands of consumers. It is the theme that urban dwellers usually go for as they seek the same fast-paced lifestyle they are used to. 

STAVEN Modern Hanging Lamp

MARBELLA Marble Pendant Lamp



The calmness of a scandinavian home exudes the peace and inner serenity that homeowners look for after a tiring day.  

COMBUS Pastel Combination Hanging Lamp

ARTRA Scandinavian LED Ceiling Light


Home Decor: STUNNING Bedroom Lighting Ideas

By Lights&Co. Team
on December 12, 2017

They always say the bedroom is where the magic happens. And yes we fully agree as well, so make no mistake in decorating your bedroom exactly the way you visualise it and you will never want to get out of bed. Here are some gorgeous ideas to help you along and the recommended lightings to go with them. Remember to have fun while you're at it!


Lightings Singapore - Bay Duck Pendant Light in Bedroom

Here we have the rustic country style bedroom; a blend of light wood flooring with pastel sea foam walls and a wooden head board. While the downlights are hardly noticeable, the pendant lights with the ducks sitting atop are whoo hoo hanging pretty. Two options for the pendant light would be our BAY Bird On Glass Pendant Light and BAY Duck On Glass Pendant Light


Lightings Singapore - Bedroom with DIXONETTE Pendant Light

A beautiful contemporary bedroom with minimal furnishings. The use of cool colour tones give off soothing vibes and help one to relax after a hectic day. Lest we forget, the symmetrical placement of the black pendant lights makes this a picture perfect snap for a home decor magazine. Turn on the mood with the pendant lights by using warm white lighting. Recommended lightings for this bedroom would be DIXONETTE Pendant Light and SKELTON Conical Lamp.



Lightings Singapore - Bedroom with use of track lights 

Can we just get into bed already? Create a cosy bedroom with natural wooden colours to exude warmth and complement it with similar tones of small furniture. The track lighting stands out but goes well with the overall colour scheme in this room. The clever use of track lights allows the user options to turn one side for ambience lighting and both sides for task lighting. Get your track lights with our MEGAMAN LED Track Lights or LED 7W COB Track Lights.



Lightings Singapore - Bedroom with use of DOLCE

In this bedroom where the scandinavian cosiness is highlighted through the wooden flooring and furniture, the clever use of modern lightings is the perfect balance for a urban home. For the chandelier, we recommend the ATELIER Contemporary Pendant Light and for the beside lights, the DOLCE Minimalist Hanging Lamp.



Lightings Singapore - Bedroom with use of Wall Lamps

This modern hotel room decor uses ash grey flooring with matching walls and furniture. Don't go overboard with the dark colours, illuminate the room with modern gold colour lightings to enhance the living space and add more interest. We recommend going with wall lamps like DILLIA Minimalist Wall Lamp or LUCINTA Classic Wall Lamp.

Client's Office Lighting @ Co-Working Space, Singapore

By Lights&Co. Team
on December 08, 2017

The KLARRIS Pastel Hanging Lamp (Sky Blue) is used in a set of 4 and spaced generously apart across the work bench.

The BUNKER Style LED Ceiling Lamp (35cm) is also used in a set of 4 above the taller bar top tables.

Lightings Singapore - Klarris Pastel Hanging Lamp and Bunker Style LED Ceiling Lamp

Lightings Singapore - Klarris Pastel Hanging Lamp and Bunker Style LED Ceiling Lamp 

Basic lightings that you should get for your new BTO or Condo

By Lights&Co. Team
on December 01, 2017

More often than not, we are spoilt for choice with the hundreds of lighting designs and we simply can't make up our minds. You might have already decided you want to sell your house after you fulfilled the Sellers' Stamp Duty period or the Minimum Occupation Period and that basic lights will suffice.

Firstly you won't go wrong with black or white colours as they are the template colours. If you like some wood accents, you can either use the same throughout your house or complement it with white colour lightings. We compiled 4 basic lighting ideas that you can use for your home if you decide to go for simple and functional.


1. The most economical option

Use 18w or 24w LED surface panels. It is compact in size yet produces sufficient illumination for your living space. 

Lightings Singapore - LED Surface Panel Light


2. Standardise by using LED ceiling lights

Achieve a uniform look throughout your home with our range of LED ceiling lights. You can choose to use a single colour (ie: white) for all the ceiling lights or alternate between white and black colours. The ceiling lights come in a minimum of 24w and is similarly sufficient to illuminate your living space.

Lightings Singapore - LEXA Geometric LED Ceiling Light


3. Use LED track lights for flexibility

A 1m track rail can fit 3 to 4 track lights and a 1.5m can fit 5 to 6 track lights. You have the flexibility to add or remove track lights to achieve the desired brightness. 

Lightings Singapore - Megaman LED Track Light


4. Use downlights, T5 or LED strips

If you intend to use recessed or cove lights, these lights will be the ones you require. From the simple circular or square downlight with an external driver to downlights with internal drivers, cob downlights and box housing downlights, you have a wide range to select from. For the home, choose a downlight that is easy to replace and available. T5 and LED strips are commonly used for cove lighting but we would recommend using T5 due to the ease of replacement. LED strips have exposed circuits and are required to be double sided taped to hold it down. When it comes to replacing LED strips, it could require some effort and create unwanted mess. 

New Product Feature: CRIMSON Circular Pendant Light

By Lights&Co. Team
on October 08, 2017

The CRIMSON Circular Pendant Light in White evokes a classy and contemporary style vibe. Looks great when clustered together. Cart this classy piece home right now! Each pendant light comes with white cord and individual white colour pendant base. 

Check it out now at

CRIMSON Circular Pendant Light

Home Lighting Review @ Bukit Merah, Singapore

By Lights&Co. Team
on July 11, 2017

The LOMAR Sleek Wall Lamp is a modern yet chic piece with its slim body and curvy ends. Pictured here, the white LOMAR in 111cm is used in our client's living room.

LOMAR Sleek Wall Lamp in White

LOMAR Sleek Wall Lamp in White

Troubleshooting Your Lights

By Lights&Co. Team
on May 26, 2017


What are the plausible reasons when the LED light or pendant light you bought doesn't work the way it is suppose to? 

This month itself we had 2 unique scenarios where customers emailed us to say 1) LED light was flickering when installed and 2) pendant light wasn't working as confirmed by the electrician. That got our attention as we have not come across such issues thus far. In fact, these 2 issues could have been easily resolved had the electricians performed an extra layer of checks. 

For the first case, we had advised the customer a probable reason for the LED flickering could be the wrong connection of the live and neutral wires. Hence after the electrician corrected it, he told us the light still flickered after staying turned on for 10 minutes. We went down on site the same afternoon to test the light and found that the LED was working normally. The friendly uncle painter also told us the light was turned on since morning and except for the short flicker in the morning, it was working normally thereafter. 

For the second case, the customer had purchased 4 lights from us and informed us 1 of them was not working as confirmed by her electrician. When on site, we removed the said pendant light, tested it at another power outlet and the bulb lit up. So how did the electrician confirm the pendant light wasn't working? He had assumed the existing electrical point is working fine and so the issue has to be 100% on the pendant light. Well that wasted the time of all 3 parties if he had tested the pendant light at another power outlet or tested the electrical point to determine which is the culprit. 

Note that electrical wiring typically wears out in about 20 to 30 years and it is recommended to check or change the entire wiring in your home to ensure your electrical hardware is in good order.

Client's Home Lighting @ Jurong West, Singapore

By Lights&Co. Team
on January 25, 2017

Our BUNKER Style LED Ceiling Lamp features the industrial black look with its metal body giving off colonial era vibes. 

BUNKER Style LED Ceiling Lamp 

Client's Home Lighting @ Holland Close, Singapore

By Lights&Co. Team
on January 25, 2017

For those who wish to combine nature and modern aspects, look no further as our FLYCATCHER Perched Bird on Stand Hanging Lamp can complement both modern and contemporary decor homes. 

FLYCATCHER Perched Bird On Stand Hanging Lamp in Black

FLYCATCHER Perched Bird On Stand Hanging Lamp in Black

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