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Client's Lighting @ Condo in West Coast, Singapore

By Lights&Co. Team
on January 10, 2017

Featuring the use of two units of MILLENIUM Industrial Hanging Light in our client's living area. This design accentuates the industrial vibes with its 12 exposed bulb holders easily making it a statement in most spaces.

MILLENIUM Industrial Hanging Light - 1

MILLENIUM Industrial Hanging Light - 2

Lightings with Singapore Safety Mark

By Lights&Co. Team
on December 28, 2016

What is the Safety Mark? SPRING Singapore regulates 45 categories of household electrical, electronic and gas products require certification to verify that they meet specified safety standards. The Safety Mark is easily recognisable and allows consumers to shop with confidence. 

Safety Mark Singapore

LED technology has made significant progress over the years, yet at Lights&Co. we carry a range of LED ceiling lights with Safety Mark LED drivers to provide you a peace of mind. Shop now!

AURA Contemporary Pendant Light @ Queens Peak Show Suite

By Lights&Co. Team
on December 14, 2016

Our AURA Contemporary Pendant Light in Black in focus at the Queens Peak Show Suite.   


AURA Contemporary Pendant Light - Lighting Singapore

AURA Contemporary Pendant Light - Lighting Singapore

Client's Lighting @ Skyline I, Bukit Batok

By Lights&Co. Team
on December 04, 2016

Our DARIUS Star Ceiling Lamp features an open concept star shape structure allowing maximum light dispersement. 

DARIUS Star Ceiling Lamp

DARIUS Star Ceiling Lamp

Client's Lighting @ City Square Mall

By Lights&Co. Team
on November 15, 2016

Our DIVANAH Bird Cage Pendant Light brings back the old school vibes with its caged structure and bottom-lined lace details. 

Lights&Co. - DIVANAH Bird Cage Pendant Light

Electrical Works / Lighting Installation in Singapore

By Lights&Co. Team
on October 22, 2016

Whether you are about to embark on your renovation journey or just want to change your light, there are a couple of points to take note of:

1. Check the state of your electrical wiring.

You would need to check the state of your electrical wiring especially if its more than 20 years old or when it is worn out. The estimated average lifespan of PVC electrical cables is approximately 25 years and it is difficult to know the state of your entire wiring as its usually concealed in your walls and ceilings. A licensed electrician will be able to advise you further on the procedures. 

2. Engage a licensed electrical worker. 

[Below is an extract from the Energy Market Authority's website]

The Energy Market Authority states that a "licensed electrical worker should be engaged to carry out the following:

  • Installation, repair or modification of electrical wiring;
  • Addition, extension or replacement of electrical power points like  socket-outlets, switches or lighting points; and
  • Repair or replacement of consumer control units or circuit breakers.

Electrical work carried out by unlicensed electrical workers may pose safety risks and  cause damage to property or injury to person."

Lighting Singapore - Electrician

Lighting Feature: TEXENA Spider Twisted Ceiling Lamp

By Lights&Co. Team
on September 25, 2016

Our TEXENA Spider Twisted Ceiling Lamp installed in a condo @ Hillview. Definitely adds a different kind of twist to perk up your living area! Shop now at !


NEA Energy Labelling for Light Bulbs in Singapore

By Lights&Co. Team
on September 10, 2016

With the full implementation taking effect from 1 July 2016 (suppliers were given a 1 year exemption to clear existing stock), incandescent lamps, compact fluorescent lamps with integrated ballasts (CFLi) and LED lamps must meet minimum energy performance standards and comply with mandatory energy labelling requirements. NEA requires the products for sale to be affixed with the energy label, similar to the ticks / rating labels commonly found on electronic products such as refrigerators, air-con systems and washing machines. 

Do ensure that you purchase light bulbs only if the energy labels are affixed on the products so that you are assured of its rated energy efficiency. For detailed information, please refer to this news article on ChannelNewsAsia.

Example of an energy label on a LED light bulb:

NEA Energy Label for Light Bulbs in Singapore 

Renovation Tips and Ideas

By Lights&Co. Team
on July 15, 2016

We are all too familiar with news on renovation contractors going bust halfway through a project or sloppy work / design flaws discovered months after the work has ended. There is homework to be done before you plough thousands of dollars into your home renovation, which you are probably going to live with for years. So here we go, we compiled some useful tips and ideas for you to take note of when looking for interior design firms or contractors in Singapore.

1) Reputation / Track Records

This is perhaps the most important thing to look out for before you commit to the contract. While not always fool-proof, it is still your best bet. Search for reviews online, go through their portfolios and try to make appointments with their senior designers instead of walking into their showrooms. Chances are that the senior designers are already busy working on current projects and do not need to perform showroom duty to farm for clients. If you are familiar with brands for HERF flooring, hinge systems (ie: BLUM), countertops (ie: Caesarstone), paint (ie: Nippon) etc, do make sure these are stated in the contract to avoid disputes later on. Negotiate the payment terms upfront and make sure payments should be made in stages after each milestone is satisfied. 

Interior Design

2) Minimize Concealment and Use of Wallpapers

Concealing is a good to have and is not an essential. You will need to pay more attention in this aspect especially for your entertainment area and air-con trunking. Its good to hide all those unsightly wires from your tv, sound system, cable box and dvd player in a built-in cabinet but ensure that you will be able to easily configure or replace any faulty equipment in future. This is the same for air-conditioning systems as shoddy workmanship may lead to severe leakage in some cases and your insulation may need to be repaired or changed. You wouldn't want them to hack into your false ceiling, box-up area or built-in wardrobes. 

Wallpapers are about 20% to 40% more expensive than paint and are of course also prone to damage from children, sun and humidity. Maintenance in this case will definitely be more costly than leftover paint which can be stored for 1 to 2 years. 

Home Decor - Wallpaper

3) Overlay your existing flooring

If you bought a resale home, consider overlaying the existing flooring with vinyl flooring or laminate instead of hacking and re-tiling. Vinyl or HERF flooring now comes in many designs, durable, waterproof and relatively inexpensive. Best of all, the overlay process is fast and usually can be completed in a day for an apartment. 

HERF or VINYL Flooring

4) Furniture

Carpentry can be the most expensive component in your renovation thus do some planning and decide the most critical areas to have them (ie: kitchen). There are many online furniture stores carrying a wide range of tv consoles, wardrobes and what not at competitive prices so do explore your options first. 

Built-in Wardrobe

5) Get Your Lightings Online in Singapore

And oh yes lighting! We can't possibly end this post without it. Arguably the most critical part of your renovation for tasks and ambience. Shop our online store for a wide range of beautiful lightings from the comfort of your home!

Lights&Co. - Lighting Singapore Online


Lighting Feature: All About LED Track Lights and COB Track Lights

By Lights&Co. Team
on June 16, 2016

Spot lights have been around for a long time and are now replaced by energy efficient LED track lights. Gone are the days when you feel hot and bothered by the relentless heat emitted by halogen spot lights which were also expensive to boot.

Track lighting is a method of lighting where light fixtures are attached anywhere on a continuous track rail which is electrically charged as compared to the need of routing electrical wiring to individual light positions. LED track lights have numerous advantages such as energy efficiency, longer lifespan, lesser heat emission, relatively inexpensive, versatility to add or remove etc and are now commonly used everywhere from the kitchen to the bedroom. 

There is an upgraded LED technology popularly known as COB or chips on board. COB LED technology uses a process by which multiple LED chips are packaged into a single LED module, thus making it less glaring to look at and the light emitted is more evenly distributed over a wider area. 

Track lights are available in mainly two colours - black or white. Both primary colours are suitable for almost every theme imaginable; black for industrial, white for scandinavian and both can be selectively used for modern and contemporary themes. 

At Lights&Co., we carry 3 different models to suit your lighting needs. If you need help deciding, do not hesitate to contact us! Happy shopping!

The first model is the LED 7W Track Light with the following features:

a) Inexpensive
b) Modern design
c) Easy to add or remove from track
d) Low heat emission
e) Energy efficient

led track light


The second model is the MEGAMAN LED Track Light with the following features:
a) Sleek and modern look
b) LED bulb can be replaced easily
c) Easy to add or remove from track
d) Low heat emission
e) Energy efficient

Above photo: MEGAMAN LED Track Light

Lastly, the third model is our LED COB Track Light with the following features:
a) Compact size
b) Modern design
c) Easy to add or remove from track
d) Low heat emission
e) Energy efficient
f) Less uncomfortable glare
g) Lights up a wider area

LED 7W COB Track LightAbove photo: LED 7W COB Track Light

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