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The Best Lighting To Use For Work From Home Setting

By Lights&Co. Team
on May 26, 2020

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy as we are in unprecedented times. Work from home by telecommute has become the new norm of late as countries worldwide implement a lockdown to curb the spread of the coronavirus. 

With more people working from home and this may be still be the case even after a vaccine is discovered as companies realise they can save on expensive office rents while protecting their employees.

Work from home

If your company makes it mandatory to work from home, you would need to create a work space that is comfortable for you to work in. This is why we saw long queues to IKEA as many were scrambling to buy suitable furniture before the stay at home measures took effect.

Long queues at IKEA

We will not make your life difficult by introducing the entire range of lights for working from home. You are most likely to have recessed lighting, pendant light or a ceiling light in your study / office space. Even with the smaller bedrooms these days, a ceiling light is not sufficient if you need to do serious reading or work. 

Hence our recommendation is to use track lights, which are bright, can be directed on a specific area, easily adjustable for brightness levels and easy to replace. Track lights have evolved from just the black and white to fancy rose gold and gold colours making it easy to complement a variety of decors. More importantly, you can also decide whether a daylight white or warm white light setting is better for you. 

Track Lights

What is a hanging light or pendant light?

By Lights&Co. Team
on November 13, 2019

A hanging light can also be referred to a pendant light (aka pendant lamp) or a chandelier. A pendant light is suspended by an electrical cord and it can be used as a single lighting fixture in a small space or hung in multiples across a larger space (ie: office or restaurant). It can also be used as a set of 3 in a straight line using a rectangular panel or in a circular form using a round panel. A pendant light can range from a simple design to an intricate fancy design. 

            Photo: A simple pendant light design - ANDENON Cement Pendant Light

ASCENT Futuristic Pendant Light

Photo: An intricate pendant light design - ASCENT Futuristic Pendant Light

SOUTHPORT Pendant Light in Pastel Colours

Photo: SOUTHPORT Pendant Lights in Pastel Colours used with a Rectangular Panel

ARCLINEA Glass Pendant Light in Metallic


A chandelier on the other hand is typically a large ornate centrepiece used in a mansion, a hotel lobby or an event ballroom. Originating from the medieval age, the light source used back then was candles and later progressed to gas lights to the current electric light bulbs. Often made out of glass, it can be adorned with crystals to exude luxury and elegance. 

Intricate Chandelier

Photo: An intricate Chandelier

Lighting Review - SOUTHPORT Pendant Light installed at The Quartz Singapore

By Lights&Co. Team
on November 01, 2019

The lovely Southport Pendant Lights in Pastel Colours are installed in a trio over the dining area. It gives your home a pop of scandinavian country home feeling.

Lighting Singapore - Southport Pendant Light Review

Lighting Singapore - Southport Pendant Light Review 2

Lighting Review - FICCAS Modern Pendant Light installed at The Echelon, Singapore

By Lights&Co. Team
on October 15, 2019

Our FICCAS Modern Pendant Light is used to accentuate this minimalist bay window space in a condominium. Chosen for its gold frame and unique rippled glass shade, this piece adds a subtle touch of class to your space.

Lighting Singapore - FICCAS Modern Pendant Light

Buy Lightings in Singapore

By Lights&Co. Team
on October 09, 2019

Shop designer pendant lighting, wall lights, track lights, ceiling lights, light bulbs and more online in Singapore.

These days, stylish lightings are as important as the tens of thousands in renovation works. The perfect lightings accentuate the decor and they can be the centrepieces of your home. Take a look at how our satisfied clients use our lamps to light up their homes. A retail lighting shop in Singapore is more commonly found in areas like Balestier, Jalan Besar and Geylang. Such brick-and-mortar shops can only display limited designs due to the space constraints and have higher costs from rent and staff. 

Lights&Co. is an online lighting shop in Singapore that focusses on offering the latest and widest range of lightings available to you while keeping prices affordable and transparent. We also do our best to check every lighting fixture for visible defects and allow our customers to conduct the same at delivery. 

Types of Lightings
Pendant Lamps - Those crystal chandeliers are not in vogue now as they are replaced by pendant lightings that come in different styles to fit your decor. Pendant lamps can be in a single light source or you can have a statement piece with multiple light sources for a large space.

Wall Lights - Seldom used in the past, wall lamps are now trending in the modern home thanks to new classy pieces especially those with gold frames. It is nifty and doesn't take up floor space. Many interior designers are recommending wall lights as decorative pieces to liven up an empty walkway, bay window areas, bedside areas or staircases. Don't limit your imagination and keep your ideas flowing.

Table / Bedside Lamps - Many think of table lamps as those used for intense studying and for work use. Its definitely essential as you require optimal light for reading. With the lower costs in LED lighting, you can now have your stylish table lamp and pair it with an energy efficient LED light source. Now you can have your cake and eat it! 

Floor Lamps - Standing floor lamps can be used to fill up a void area in your space especially for larger homes. They are more often used for ambient and decorative lighting. 

Track Lights - We would say that track lighting is versatile as it offers you the flexibility to switch to task lighting if you require the room to be brighter simply by adding on more track lights or switching to higher wattage LED track lights. Conversely, you can adjust the track lights to refocus on another area or remove them if you want the space a little dimmer.

Ceiling Lights - The most common form of lighting used 10 to 20 years ago and it still is popular today. It could be the most affordable option as a surface LED panel provides sufficient light for a bedroom. However, there are many variations of ceiling lights for children to the modern pieces in different shapes and sizes. Most importantly, get the one that is able to light up your space sufficiently. 


We hope you have a better appreciation of how the many variations of lighting fixtures can complement the decor theme of your space. Have fun while you are at it too!

Lighting Review - ARCLINEA Glass Pendant Light installed at Clementi, Singapore

By Lights&Co. Team
on September 10, 2019

Featuring our ARCLINEA Glass Pendant Light in vintage gold colour sitting chic against the white tiled backsplash. 

Lightings Singapore -ARCLINEA Pendant Light

Lighting Review - VILLEA Classic Glass Wall Lamp installed at Principal Garden, Singapore

By Lights&Co. Team
on July 25, 2019

The client chose a classic gold wall lamp, VILLEA Classic Glass Wall Lamp, to complement the overall modern decor in the house. The slim gold fixture gives it a timeless and classy look and doesn't take up much space at all.

Lighting Singapore - VILLEA Classic Glass Wall Lamp


Lighting Singapore - VILLEA Classic Glass Wall Lamp 2

Lighting Review - STARCK Edgy Case Ceiling Light installed at Outram, Singapore

By Lights&Co. Team
on June 24, 2019

The client chose to use the STARCK Edgy Case Ceiling Light as a single light source to illuminate the bathroom. The STARCK Edgy Case Ceiling Light features round smooth edges to complement its sleek design.

Lighting Singapore - STARCK Edgy Case Ceiling Light

Lighting Review - ELISE Hanging Lamps installed at a restaurant in Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore

By Lights&Co. Team
on May 15, 2019

Featuring the use of our large ELISE Hanging Lamps in our client's restaurant at the newly opened Jewel Changi Airport. Effortlessly stylish, the soft pastel colours exude calm and pleasant moods making the lamps a good complement for any space. The black and white lamps are suitable for cafes that do not wish to overstate the industrial factor.

Lightings Singapore - ELISE Hanging Lamp



Lighting Review - COVET Deluxe Modern Pendant Light installed at Tanjong Pagar, Singapore

By Lights&Co. Team
on May 03, 2019

Featuring the use of the COVET Deluxe Modern Pendant Lamp in this coffee / pantry area. This is a spherical shape lamp that is bold and classy at the same time. This design comes in two beautiful tinted colours, grey and brown. A perfect choice for ambient lighting purposes. 

Lightings Singapore - COVET Deluxe Modern Pendant Lamp

Lightings Singapore - COVET Deluxe Modern Pendant Lamp

Lightings Singapore - COVET Deluxe Modern Pendant Lamp


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